About Better Movement

This site expands on my previous blog at BetterMovement.org. I will continue to write about topics like pain science, motor control, posture, coordination, exercise, play, and complexity. But I plan to post here with more regularity (about once week.) Another difference is that the articles will include some regular features:

  • Audio or video movement lessons, usually based on the Feldenkrais Method

  • Podcast interviews with thought leaders in the fields of pain and athletic performance.

  • Research reviews with summaries of recent scientific papers.

  • Collections of links from interesting articles, tweets and other stuff I find on the web.

  • Posts with an evolutionary perspective.

Most of the podcasts and articles will be free, and some articles will be for paid subscribers only. Paid subscribers also get discounts on all classes and workshops.

Thanks for the support!

About Todd Hargrove

I am a manual and movement therapist with fifteen years experience helping people with pain. I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and previously completed a training program in Rolfing. I've written a blog at BetterMovement.org for ten years.

About my books

In 2014 I published a book called A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain.

In June 2019 I published a second book called Playing With Movement: How to Explore the Many Dimensions of Physical Health and Performance.

My books are available in three languages, have sold more than 15,000 copies, and have received acclaim from physical therapy professors, trainers for professional sports teams, and scientists of pain, sport and exercise.

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Science about chronic pain, movement practices, evolution, play, and complexity.


Author, manual and movement therapist, former attorney.